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【桃花城广播站】三角洲地区将加强监督及执行有关疫情工作COVID-19: Delta takes action to enforce health officers’ orders


来源:Delta Optimist



根据三角洲地区的规定,餐馆不再允许在店内提供食物,只允许外卖和送货。此外,个人服务业,如按摩院、沙龙和纹身店已被指示关闭。城市内部规章制度检查人员将关闭所有被发现在省卫生官员指示之外经营的企业。如果企业无法满足当前的“Social Distances”要求,包括周六参观所有当地高尔夫球场,规章制度检查员也将非常积极主动。



The City of Delta is taking further action to with regards to the closure of additional businesses in the community.

According to a news release issued just after 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon, acting under Delta’s state of local emergency, city bylaw inspectors have been directed to enforce the orders Saturday morning by provincial health officer Bonnie Henry related to the closure of certain businesses.

According to Delta restaurants are no longer permitted to serve food on premises – only take-out and delivery food service is allowed. Additionally, personal service businesses, such as massage parlours, salons, and tattoo parlours have been directed to close. City bylaw inspectors will be shutting down all businesses found to be operating outside of the directives made by the provincial health officer. Bylaw inspectors will also be extremely proactive in cases where businesses are unable to meet current social distancing requirements, including a visit Saturday to all local golf courses.

“Our staff is ready to enforce the orders of Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s Provincial Health Officer,” said Mayor George Harvie. “We recognize the hardship this situation is having on local businesses and are actively advocating for measures to ease the financial burden on local businesses and commercial property owners during these difficult times. However, we must act on the direction of Dr. Henry to keep our community safe.”

Visit the City’s website at for updates to Delta’s response to COVID-19 as well as resources for local businesses.

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